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Benefiting Everyone


EEtility is a benefit corporation. That means our stated goal is to provide benefits to the environment and society while bringing efficient, affordable energy to all. Our status as a benefit corporation keeps us extra accountable to the government, ourselves, and most importantly the people. We feel a profound obligation to shoulder our share of the work in creating a more just and equitable society—challenging both competitors and partners alike to join us in that effort.

EEtility's 2020 numbers at a glance (updated numbers coming in Q3 2023)

Giving Power Back

Across our programs we saved participants a total of 672,160 kWh!

Total Savings

Across our programs we reduced our Utility partners peak demand by an average of 1.5 kW per house.

Giving Money Back

On average our programs saved participants $910.13 a year on their utility bill!

Total Investments In Local Economies

Together our partner Utilities invested $694,820 into their local communities. 

Aggregated Results...

Carbon Reduction

At the end of the lifecycle of the current upgrades we oversee CO2e will be reduced by an estimated 110,853,854 lbs.

Total Financed

To date EEtility's partnered Utilities have invested approximately $4,141,028.48 into their local economies.

Total Dollars Saved

At the end of the lifecycle of the current upgrades we oversee program participants will save a total of $9,160,437.60.

Reach Out!


EEtility is on a constant path towards self-analyzation and self-improvement. If you find yourself with any questions regarding our services and the benefits we are bringing to our communities, or have partner/project suggestions, feel free to contact us with questions or comments. We value transparency at every level of operation. For detailed information on EEtility as a benefit corporation, view our report below.

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