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EEtility works with all types of energy providers—whether they are municipal, cooperative, or investor owned. We know that every utility confronts challenges that are completely unique to their region and customer-base. Our company adapts our solutions to fit your unique needs. When a utility chooses to work with EEtility, they can expect:

Lower energy and demand costs of wholesale supply

Deferred investment in peak power

Address hot spot and service to areas constrained by delivery capacity

Reach under-served market segments, including renters and low-moderate income households

Improved customer satisfaction

Low cost, market-based options to attain clean energy and carbon pollution targets

More productive local economy with less resource waste

Take rates of 50%-90% with higher average capital investment per site compared to on-bill loans.

Managing Local Contractors


Utilities don’t have to worry about contractor quality control when they partner with EEtility.  When it comes to using contractors, we have the highest standards of training, education, and quality control in the industry. Upon electing to participate in the PAYS® tariff on-bill program, EEtility analyzes in-home data and creates the most cost-effective scope of work. Upon enrollment, customers choose their preferred contractor so when EEtility shows up to audit the home, that particular contractors standard pricing is already baked into the job. This efficient process allows participating contactors to simply focus on completing the upgrades and skips the bidding process altogether!

A Few PAYS® Programs We Operate

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