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Everyone Saves With PAYS®  


PAYS® is a tariff on bill program that saves energy for utilities and money for their customers. 

Benefits to the Utility

Lower energy and demand costs of wholesale supply


Deferred investment in peak power


Address hot spots and service to areas constrained by delivery capacity


Reach under-served market segments, including renters and low-moderate income households


Improved customer satisfaction


Take rates of 50%-90% with higher average capital investment per site compared to on-bill loans

Low cost, market-based options to attain clean energy and carbon pollution targets

More productive local economy with less resource waste

Financing PAYS®


Though several partner Utilitys prefer to use their own capital to finance PAYS, there are many low cost capital providers eager to work alongside Investor Owned Utility's who agree to pass along their low cost of capital to their customers without mark up. Low (and even NO) cost capital for Electric Cooperatives and Rural Municipality's that provide service in Rural communities is also plentiful through the federally funded Rural Utilities Services (RUS) RESP and EECLP programs. Bottom line? There is no shortage of capital available to Scale PAYS all across the country -so just ask us to point you in the right direction!

Where Is PAYS® Operated?

Utility regulators in Missouri, Georgia, and Arkansas have already approved tariffs based on the PAYS® system. Other areas where PAYS® based programs are up and running include North Carolina, New Hampshire, California and Tennessee.  Some of the utility branded names for those programs are: How$mart (KY), Upgrade To Save (NC), HELP PAYS® (AR), Water Upgrade $ave (CA), U-Save Advantage (TN) and Lagrange SOUL (GA)..

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