The upfront cost to install energy efficient upgrades is a major hurdle that prevents most families from being able to make energy saving investments in their homes. This is particularly true for middle and lower-income families who live paycheck to paycheck, may be hindered by debt constraints or credit challenges, and have little access to low cost capital.                                                          




The cleanest and most affordable source of energy we have is the energy that is already being produced and one of the most promising keys to unlocking the massive potential of energy efficiency for scale is removing the upfront cost for people to make their homes and apartments more energy efficient. The Energy Efficiency Institute's Pay As You Save (PAYS®) system opens the door to catalyzing energy efficiency by removing the upfront cost barrier for everyone. PAYS® is 100% sustainable, highly impactful and life changing for families who need it the most.




EEtility is considered a leading expert in the field of operating all-inclusive, highly impactful, cost effective and sustainable energy efficiency (EE) programs for forward-thinking utilities. When a utility is sincere about investing in energy efficiency “on the other side of the meter,” EEtility’s professional and knowledgeable staff will step in to ensure that estimated savings are accurate, that high-quality installs produce real energy savings, and that savings are measured and verified throughout the utility’s cost recovery period. EEtility is highly experienced at operating the Pay As You Save® (PAYS®) tariff on-bill system and other types of on-bill financed EE programs. EEtility can operate PAYS® for a utility independently or can work alongside its already existing EE program operator to fulfill specific operational-related tasks unique to PAYS®.




EEtility aims to work with utilities who recognize the value added to their company when they set and achieve quantifiable energy efficiency targets.  Beyond enjoying higher satisfaction rates from participants, additional value adds include having a lower cost of wholesale supply, deferring investment in peak power, addressing hot spots and service to areas constrained by delivery capacity, and having a low-cost market-based option to attain clean energy and carbon pollution targets. Ultimately, EEtility continues to seek partnerships with utilities that are eager to think beyond their side of the meter - a potential key strategy to consider during such a disruptive time in the industry. If there is a group concerned that more needs to be done to bring EE opportunities to the underserved market (including renters and low-income households) and is concerned about equity and inclusion within the developing green energy economy, then EEtility seeks partnership with that group.


EEtility trains local Service Providers to gather and collect program participants home data, which is then analyzed remotely by EEtility staff. Once the cost effectiveness analysis is complete, EEtility’s expert team then creates a user-friendly report that itemizes suggested upgrades, calculates respective costs, and estimates correlating energy savings. EEtility representatives then discuss this report with the participant via phone and/or web consultation. EEtility then performs or oversees all steps beyond the consultation. Some of these steps include executing contracts, issuing work orders to service providers, performing 100% remote QC inspections of work, troubleshooting challenging jobs alongside service providers, and payment authorization to service providers once work is complete. Lastly, EEtility facilitates third party measurement and verification for utilities as well as home energy efficiency certification for all program participants. In other words, EEtility is with the utility, the service provider, and the participant every step of the way.


To remove the upfront cost barrier that prevents so many families from being able to live in a more comfortable, affordable, healthier, and energy efficient home, the investment of the upgrade is first paid for by the utility. The utility then recovers its investment by placing a monthly tariff charge on the metered location (not the individual). The monthly charge is significantly less than the calculated savings. If the participant moves, the charge and the savings simply roll over to the next occupant. With PAYS®, there is no loan to worry about, no credit checks, and no debt-to-income ratios to consider. Additionally, PAYS® allows renters in single or multifamily housing to participate in energy efficient upgrades. But the benefits aren’t just for the participant. The utility not only recovers 100% of its investment over time, the utility additionally benefits from the reduction in peak demand it receives at approximately 1.5 KW per participant per month. Through PAYS®, the monthly tariff cost recovery charge is considered an essential utility service (and not a loan). There are no free riders in PAYS®. Participation is completely optional and subsidies (rebates), though allowed, are not needed. If utilities prefer to use outside capital to finance their PAYS® program, EEtility is well versed on the topic and can point the utility to a variety of government and/or private sources for low cost capital. EEtility has even partnered with the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA), a nonprofit organization based in North Carolina that has pledged to provide a loss reserve for any utility in the country willing to stand up a PAYS® program and use EEtility as their program operator.



EEtility staff uses the latest advances in technology available to ensure the most cost-effective measures are installed and the installations last well beyond the utilities cost recovery period. EEtility trains and supports local contractors to apply high workforce performance standards ensuring rigorous quality control check points are met or exceeded on every job. Local contracting entities and their field staff are essential members of the program’s network of service providers. EEtility prides itself on helping make good local contractors GREAT local program service providers.​ EEtility believes that when it comes to measurement and verification, what the meter says is what matters. As a standard practice, EEtility is dedicated to facilitating third party weather normalized M&V reporting on an ongoing annual basis which ensures participants of PAYS® are saving more than they pay.



EEtility is growing fast and now operates PAYS® based programs for utilities in Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina and is ready for national scale. We are always bringing on new staff, partners, and ideas!  

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