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Born from the belief that all people need to have affordable energy, EEtility has removed the traditional confines that limit participation in energy efficiency programs!
The Problem: Barrier of Entry

Energy efficiency programs have such a high barrier of entry they often subvert the utility’s goal to reach their most energy burdened homes. Though several on-bill loan and rebate programs exist to ease customers upfront costs, many customers can’t access such programs. This is particularly true for lower income customers who are too often excluded from these programs due to poor credit, high debt, renter vs homeowner status, or just lack of access to low interest capital. Without more equitable and all inclusive access to energy efficiency programs, utilities and many of their most energy burdened customers are stuck wasting valuable energy. BUT this problem is solvable!!
The Solution: PAYS®

The Pay As You Save (PAYS®) program removes all barriers of entry for customers who desire more energy efficient homes. No credit checks. No loans. No down payments. Inclusive of everyone. This unprecedented access to upgrades allows customers to live in safer, more energy efficient homes, and allows utilities to use conserved energy elsewhere—on new projects and on new customers. The cleanest and most affordable source of energy is the energy that has already been produced!
What We Do

EEtility works with utilities to identify and upgrade energy intense homes through the PAYS® tariff on-bill program. With decades of industry data and experience, EEtility offers a turnkey solution to tariff on-bill retrofitting. All of EEtility’s efforts are focused on finding equitable solutions for utility and participants alike. We take responsibility for identifying high energy intense locations, as well as managing competent local contractors and vetting their upgrades—making sure the new installations last well after the utility has recovered its investment. 

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